The Emerge-N-See Art Ambulance {and Overland Submarine}

Born of a "creative emergency", this dream machine quickly made it's archetypal forces clear. "People died in here, right?"...."Yes, but many more lives were saved." Emergent Sea....Emergence, See?....How many of those near death experiences led to supercharged lives?... became catalysts for living with greater dynamic range? 

IMG_4057 2.JPG

The "Ten Finger Painting Gloves" are born. The spacious art transport births more expansive ideas, these begging near-acrobatic movements for image creation. The height of the resulting works the initial performance at a high-end rave where Alex Grey and other visionaries were producing work.... profound humor finds its way.... "This guy painting with TEN brushes at once must surely know what he's doing!" drifts from the onlookers...nope... never even practiced ... crawl out on limb, saw limb off...


Thousands of visitors, all ages, in over a dozen years of festivals, art fairs, art car parades, burning man, private events, and more. Guests enjoy the artful inner sanctum with interactive musical keyboard, lights, music, art, and a log book for writing/drawing. Countless priceless conversations on how to more fully awaken and engage our innate creativity. Often set up with mini-bar and hors d'ourves, where age appropriate {not here...ha!}. 


< The Inner Sanctum with cozy bed and mini-office set-up.


The image above right is from a special presentation of the full amphitheater mode in which 7 large paintings/panels attach at any corner for assorted configurations, this one allowing per- formers/presenters to enter from the hidden back door to emerge "on stage" from the side door. The contraption visible in front was an ET, or Earth Tickler, which used a hand-manipulated electrical charge to draw gasses from beneath the Earth's surface to assist in meaningfully defining the "nature of existence" for a special appearance in the Roger Nygard film of the same name. This arrangement also supports both rooftop dancers/performers, as well as an additional shaped rooftop panel that completes the "big top" look of the amphitheater setup. 

SALE NOTES: The Emerge-N-See Art Ambulance is driven by a 1993 Ford E-350 7.3l diesel engine, with approx. 150k miles on it. I have kept it mechanically sound, as i needed to dependably drive it to distant events. I recently replaced the high-pressure fuel injection pump, the heart of a diesel engine, and it starts and runs better than ever. Transmission and brakes are good. New steering tires on the front, with 4 good tires on the rear drive wheels. The rear has "posi-traction" which supplies drive to all 4 wheels....great for not getting stuck! The unit has many bells and whistles as part of its ambulance package....a working vacuum pump, lighting in all storage compartments, an onboard battery charger/conditioner, 5 large external storage compartments, 4 of which also have small internal access ports, and a 6-speaker stereo system with sub-woofer. The roof supports rooftop activities....dancers, hoopers, a lounge, or extra gear, and the 4 level external lighting system has been upgraded from the default red/white to green/yellow/purple, with a couple of under-vehicle LED tubes, as well. 

The sale can include, also, for interested parties, the very cool trophy won at the Houston Art Car Parade, one of the major awards, the Participant's Choice Award, several small plaques, an "official" ambulance driver's hat, the jacket and helmet of "Stray Voltage," a character often expressed within and around the art ambulance, and the internal log book, with writings, signatures, well wishes, etc, of many of her guests and visitors.

There are also two LARGE canvas paintings that can be included with a full price offer. One is a 6x9 painting of the "Pineapple Radio", a creature extracting biotronic information from a pineapple, then broadcasting it through a head-mounted antenna out to the world, and a larger 9x12 canvas depicting the "Be There Then, Here and Now" painting that was part of the art ambulance's 2006 Burning Man art contribution.....this painting staked down to the playa and served as a bean bag toss game where hundreds of fun prizes made their way out to the crowd. The title of the piece points toward developing presence, even in the face of chaos, be it internal or external. These pieces are valued at $1000 and $3000, respectively, and have supported joyful experiences and conversations at countless events since their unveiling at BM06. Pics below.