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The Emerge-N-See Art Ambulance {and Overland Submarine}

Born of a "creative emergency", this dream machine quickly made it's archetypal forces clear. "People died in here, right?"...."Yes, but many more lives were saved." Emergent Sea....Emergence, See?....How many of those near death experiences led to supercharged lives?... became catalysts for living with greater dynamic range? 

IMG_4057 2.JPG

The "Ten Finger Painting Gloves" are born. The spacious art transport births more expansive ideas, these begging near-acrobatic movements for image creation. The height of the resulting works the initial performance at a high-end rave where Alex Grey and other visionaries were producing work.... profound humor finds its way.... "This guy painting with TEN brushes at once must surely know what he's doing!" drifts from the onlookers...nope... never even practiced ... crawl out on limb, saw limb off...


Thousands of visitors, all ages, in over a dozen years of festivals, art fairs, art car parades, burning man, private events, and more. Guests enjoy the artful inner sanctum with interactive musical keyboard, lights, music, art, and a log book for writing/drawing. Countless priceless conversations on how to more fully awaken and engage our innate creativity. 


< The Inner Sanctum with cozy bed and mini-office set-up.


The image above right is from a special presentation of the full amphitheater mode in which 7 large paintings/panels attach at any corner for assorted configurations, this one allowing per- formers/presenters to enter from the hidden back door to emerge "on stage" from the side door. The contraption visible in front was an ET, or Earth Tickler, which used a hand-manipulated electrical charge to draw gasses from beneath the Earth's surface to assist in meaningfully defining the "nature of existence" for a special appearance in the Roger Nygard film of the same name. This arrangement also supports both rooftop dancers/performers, as well as an additional shaped rooftop panel that completes the "big top" look of the amphitheater setup. 

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